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Things to know!!

We are specialized in outdoor catering also!

Hall Timing 9.00 AM to 3.30 PM, 6.30 PM to 10.00 PM.

Standard decoration, floral ornaments(Bow and Arrow, Kamar Patta, Bajubandh Kirit) Changing room will be provided for till the end of that function, jhoola also availabe but at a nominal charge.

Hall Timing: 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM. Cradle, Baloons, Decorations, Baby's name will be put on stage and covered.Ghugrya, Pedhas/Jeelabi, changing room for till the end of that function will be provided.

Evening 7 PM to 10 PM or 12 Noon to 3.30 PM. Welcome board, name on stage, Baloons, Standard decoration, 1 KG Cake and Sliced Cake.(If the client wants they can order cake from outside of the desired flavour)

  1. Engagement

  2. Value Added Charges

    2 Rooms for 4 hours with 2 garlands, pedhas, rangoli in front, welcome board, 2 names on stage and standard flower decoration. (Priest availabe at a nominal charge)

  3. Marriage

  4. Value Added Charges

    Accomodation for 60 people 4 dormitory and 6 rooms, Sofa/Maharaja Chairs. (Extra Members: Extra Charge at Rs.300.00/- per person)


    Shrimath Poojan
    On day 1, 1 Hall will be provided and on day 2, 2 Halls will be provided. Hall seating with 250 chairs and 100 standing.
    Shrimath Poojan: 2 garlands, welcome board, 2 names on stage, standard decoration + shehenai audio disc will be played.

    Marriage Day
    Live Shehenai Performance, 2 garlands, 2 boquets, standard stage decoration, Sofa or maharaja chairs, Akshatra, Rangoli at the entrance, HomeKundh.(Priest arrangement is available at a nominal charge)

    Marriage: Main function at 1st hall and Food at 2nd one.(The 2nd hall is just below the first one.) Timing for hall and room: 6 PM on the prior day to next day 4 PM. Shrimath Poojan, tiffin and dinner should end by 10 PM.(After 10 PM no food or services will be provided. Musical Band/Orchestra is not permitted)

          Value Added Charges for the Hall.

  1. Baby Shower/Oothi Program

  2. Naming Ceremony

  3. Birthday Celebrations

  4. Thread Ceremony

  5. Value Added Charges

    Hall Timing: 7.00 AM to 3.30 PM, Welcome Board, Changing room, Pedhas, Akshatras, Name on Stage, Standard Decoration, Rangoli at the main entrance, Shenai, barber, HomeKundh and paat will be provided.

  6. Wedding Reception

  7. Value Added Charge
    1 Room from 6.30 PM to 10.00 PM or 11 AM to 4 PM, 2 Names on Stage, Standard Decoration, Welcome Board and Lighting will be provided.


Please Note

  1. Hall Timings: 12.00 Noon to 4.00 PM or 7.00 PM to 10.00 PM. After 10.00 PM extra charges apply.
  2. Advance of 50% amount must be paid at the time of booking.
  3. The remaining Balance must be paid before the program commences.
  4. Excess Food will not be given in Parcel.
  5. If members exceed the committed number, the client will have to pay for the extra persons.
  6. Management will provide good and hygienic food as committed.
  7. Each Dormitory has 2 toilets and bathrooms
  8. We also take outdoor catering for 25 people to 4000 people.
  9. Outside food is not allowed in halls.
  10. If food is ordered for Baby Shower/Oothi Program, Naming Ceremony and Birthday Celebrations the hall, decorations and other things will be provided as complimentary.


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